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Are you tired of playing it safe and watching your brand blend in with the crowd? 

To see competitors or other people doing what you do being more successful despite being less qualified?

Do you feel trapped by conventional thinking and limited by self-imposed beliefs? That typically show up in the forms of self doubt, negativity and constantly comparing yourself to others?

Do you struggle to present and communicate your message in a way that feels authentic because everytime you start talking about what it is that you do it just feels Blah? Listen …

There is a price to pay for inaction.

for some of you it is just months. For others it is years or even decades that they are playing this game. The game of hiding. Of pretending. Of avoiding. Of playing it small even though you create some sort of economic success.

But deep down you know that you are capable of so much more. That what you do and who you are is so much more.

Yet you haven’t been willing to truly show yourself as who you are.

But here’s the thing. You know that there is something more that is burning inside you. And you maybe even clear yourself on what that is. But if you aren’t able to articulate it and communicate it in a way that sparks interest and ignites change … nobody will follow your lead.

And you realize that because

  • your marketing isn’t working the way it used to
  • your sales decline
  • your team alignment starts to crumble

And all of that takes its toll. First in your business by dwindling revenue and increasing costs per acquisition. Next by the ever increasing challenge to hire and hold team members. But eventually it will creep into other areas of your life as well.

The painful consequence of not taking action is seeing your brand fade into insignificance, overshadowed by competitors who dare to be bold.

Avoid the stagnation and missed opportunities that come with staying within your comfort zone.

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Sebastian Thalhammer
Founder of Become Unleashed
Proud Father and Husband